Safety and Immunogenicity Report from the Com-COV Study – a Single-Blind Randomised Non-Inferiority Trial Comparing Heterologous And Homologous Prime-Boost Schedules with An Adenoviral Vectored and mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine
SSRN Electronic Journal (2021) - Comments
doi: 10.2139/ssrn.3874014  issn: 1556-5068 

Xinxue Liu, Robert H. Shaw, Arabella SV Stuart, Melanie Greenland, Tanya Dinesh, Samuel Provstgaard-Morys, Elizabeth Clutterbuck, Maheshi N. Ramasamy, Parvinder K. Aley, Yama Farooq Mujadidi, Fei Long, Emma Plested, Hannah Robinson, Nisha Singh, Laura L. Walker, Rachel White, Nick Andrews, J. Claire Cameron, Andrea M. Collins, Daniela M. Ferreira