Changes in Aged Fibroblast Lipid Metabolism Induce Age-Dependent Melanoma Cell Resistance to Targeted Therapy via the Fatty Acid Transporter FATP2
Cancer Discovery (2020) - Comments
doi: 10.1158/  issn: 2159-8274  issn: 2159-8290  pubmed: 32499221 

Gretchen M. Alicea, Vito W. Rebecca, Aaron R. Goldman, Mitchell E. Fane, Stephen M. Douglass, Reeti Behera, Marie R. Webster, Curtis H. Kugel, Brett L. Ecker, M. Cecilia Caino, Andrew V. Kossenkov, Hsin-Yao Tang, Dennie T. Frederick, Keith T. Flaherty, Xiaowei Xu, Qin Liu, Dmitry I. Gabrilovich, Meenhard Herlyn, Ian A. Blair, Zachary T. Schug