Frequently asked questions

Official PubPeer domains  PubPeer controls three domains:,, and Any websites or emails associated with other domains containing the name "pubpeer" are outside our control. The official PubPeer website uses and emails can be sent from,, and
Q: How to post images in a comment? Simply pasting any URL link to an image will cause the image to appear at the top of your comment.  Because it allows for anonymous uploading and hosting of images, most users choose to upload images to  Imgur will then generate a link to the image that can be pasted into any PubPeer comment.
Q: Why should I bother to take the time to write a comment about an article on PubPeer?  The goal of PubPeer is to foster a scientific environment where robust, high-quality research is valued, while providing a forum to discuss the problems of unreproducible, misleading, misconceived or fraudulent work.  By commenting on publictions both positively and negatively we add another dimension to an article's "impact" that is independent of the name of the journal in which it was published.  The comments on PubPeer are seen by journals and other media outlets ( and eventually influence future and past publications.
Q: I have seen a paper that claims fraudlent data.  Can I report it on PubPeer?  Although this is not the main aim of PubPeer, we believe that thse sort of comments need to be reported somewhere.  So why not here. However, read ALL of this before making any claims of misconduct This is a very serious issue for us.
Q: Are authors alerted when a comment is posted on their paper?  Yes, authors are alerted to comments.
Q: Can I choose other people to alert about a comment?  Yes.  On each publication page there is a share icon which can be used to enter email addresses and the system will alert those addresses to the comment on that page.
Q: Can I create more than one account? No.
Q: I am not a first or corresponding author, can I create an account? Please contact us at
Q:Why hasn't the comment I submitted appeared on the site?  Be patient.  Depending on the quantity of submitted comments it can take up to a week to screen comments.  Comments are screened for content and spam.  You can always contact us on the contact page if you would like an update. 
Q: I am a first or corresponding author, but my publication is in the advanced publication or epub stage, can I use this paper to create an account? Yes. Send us the DOI of the paper so we can enter it into our database.    
Q: Why are comments anonymous?
Q:  What sort of comments are allowed/prohibited?  All scientific discussion relevant to a given publication is encouraged.  See
Please do not post about the scientists themselves.  To reference other papers, users can use quoted references, pubmed IDs, or links to other PubPeer comments.
Q:  Who are the creators and what is the motivation behind this site?
Q:  Can third parties interface with PubPeer to show comments on their sites or in their software?  Yes.  We have an API designed exactly for this.  Contact us with the details of your project and we will set you up with an API key.