Hydroxychloroquine vs. Azithromycin for Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19 (HAHPS): Results of a Randomized, Active Comparator Trial
Annals of the American Thoracic Society (2020) - Comments
pubmed: 33166179  doi: 10.1513/annalsats.202008-940oc  issn: 2329-6933  issn: 2325-6621 

Samuel M. Brown, Ithan Peltan, Naresh Kumar, Lindsay Leither, Brandon J. Webb, Nathan Starr, Colin K. Grissom, Whitney R. Buckel, Rajendu Srivastava, Allison M. Butler, Danielle Groat, Benjamin Haaland, Jian Ying, Estelle Harris, Stacy Johnson, Robert Paine, Tom Greene