species enrich the gut microbiota of traditional rural populations but are absent from urban individuals
New Microbes and New Infections (2019) - Comments
pubmed: 30555706  doi: 10.1016/j.nmni.2018.10.009  issn: 2052-2975 

E. Angelakis, D. Bachar, M. Yasir, D. Musso, F. Djossou, B. Gaborit, S. Brah, A. Diallo, G.M. Ndombe, O. Mediannikov, C. Robert, E.I. Azhar, F. Bibi, N.S. Nsana, H.-J. Parra, J. Akiana, C. Sokhna, B. Davoust, A. Dutour, D. Raoult