Description of ‘ Beduinibacterium massiliense ’ gen. nov., sp. nov., ‘ Massilimaliae massiliensis ’ gen. nov., sp. nov., ‘ Provencibacterium massiliense ’ gen. nov., sp. nov. and ‘ Oscilibacter massiliensis ’ sp. nov., isolated from a faecal specimen of a 19-year-old healthy Saudi Arabian Bedouin by culturomics
New Microbes and New Infections (2017) - Comment
pubmed: 28725440  doi: 10.1016/j.nmni.2017.05.001  issn: 2052-2975 

S.I. Traore, E.I. Azhar, M. Yasir, F. Bibi, P.-E. Fournier, A.A. Jiman-Fatani, J. Delerce, F. Cadoret, J.-C. Lagier, D. Raoult