Immunogenicity, safety, and reactogenicity of heterologous COVID-19 primary vaccination incorporating mRNA, viral-vector, and protein-adjuvant vaccines in the UK (Com-COV2): a single-blind, randomised, phase 2, non-inferiority trial
The Lancet (2022) - Comments
pubmed: 34883053  doi: 10.1016/s0140-6736(21)02718-5  issn: 0140-6736  issn: 1474-547x 

Arabella S V Stuart, Robert H Shaw, Xinxue Liu, Melanie Greenland, Parvinder K Aley, Nick J Andrews, J C Cameron, Sue Charlton, Elizabeth A Clutterbuck, Andrea M Collins, Tom Darton, Tanya Dinesh, Christopher J A Duncan, Anna England, Saul N Faust, Daniela M Ferreira, Adam Finn, Anna L Goodman, Christopher A Green, Bassam Hallis