Noncontiguous finished genome sequences and descriptions of Actinomyces ihuae, Actinomyces bouchesdurhonensis, Actinomyces urinae, Actinomyces marseillensis, Actinomyces mediterranea and Actinomyces oralis sp. nov. identified by culturomics
New Microbes and New Infections (2018) - Comment
pubmed: 29992027  doi: 10.1016/j.nmni.2018.06.004  issn: 2052-2975 

M.D. Mbogning Fonkou, M. Mailhe, S. Ndongo, D. Ricaboni, A. Morand, F. Cornu, M. Tidjani Alou, M. Bilen, C. Andrieu, A. Levasseur, F. Cadoret, D. Raoult