WITHDRAWN: Can Traditional Chinese Medicine provide insights into controlling the COVID-19 pandemic: Serpentinization-induced lithospheric long-wavelength magnetic anomalies in Proterozoic bedrocks in a weakened geomagnetic field mediate the aberrant transformation of biogenic molecules in COVID-19 via magnetic catalysis
The Science of The Total Environment (2020) - Comments
pubmed: 33071142  doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2020.142830  issn: 0048-9697  issn: 1879-1026 

Moses Turkle Bility, Yash Agarwal, Sara Ho, Isabella Castronova, Cole Beatty, Shivkumar Biradar, Vanshika Narala, Nivitha Periyapatna, Yue Chen, Jean Nachega