Y-box binding protein-1 induces the expression of CD44 and CD49f leading to enhanced self-renewal, mammosphere growth, and drug resistance
Cancer Research (2010) - Comments
pubmed: 20332234  doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.can-09-3155  issn: 1538-7445  issn: 0008-5472 

Karen To, Abbas Fotovati, Kristen M. Reipas, Jennifer H. Law, Kaiji Hu, Jing Wang, Arezoo Astanehe, Alastair H. Davies, Lawrence Lee, Anna L. Stratford, Afshin Raouf, Pauline Johnson, Isabelle M. Berquin, Hans-Dieter Royer, Connie J. Eaves, Sandra E. Dunn